from “the yellow river” series by zhang kechun (b/ 1980 sichuan, china).

various shots by matija brumen (slovenia).

mikael seifu.

from “devil’s den” series by eva o’leary and harry griffin (b/ 1989, 1986, us).

from “new existence” series by daniel everett (b/ 1980, us).

various works by jonny briggs (b/ 1985, uk).

from ” all you can feel” series by sarah schoenfeld (b/ 1979, germany).

from “silent outlooks” series by gregory collavini (b/ 1988, bern, switzerland).

from “color pickers” series by andrey bogush (b/ 1987, saint petersburg, russia).

from “cancer family” series by nancy borowick (b/ 1985, usa).

Digital technology has effectively dematerialized photography, situating it in a new configuration that will prohibit its access to certain past territories and promote the exploration of others. Photograhy has become information in the pure state, content without matter whose power to fascinate will come to be governed by other factors. Issues of meaning will take precedence over issues of representation.

joan fontcuberta (barcelona, spain)

various works by christine erhard (germany).

from “scrublands” series by antonie bruy (b/ 1986, france).

from “il gattopardo” series by oliver eglin (uk).

various shots by tobias faisst (berlin).