from “the rug wizard” series by wouter van de voorde (camberra, australia).

"happy nothing" series by yurian quintanas nobel (b/ 1983, amsterdam, the netherlands).

esclavage domestique" by raphaël dallaporta (b/ 1980, france).

from “a” series by chema madoz (b/ 1958, madrid, spain).


"days of night / nights of day" series by elena chernyshova (b/ 1981, moscow, russia).

"psd" series by corey bartle-sanderson (uk).

"ecce homo" series by evelyn bencicova.

from “sochi singers” series by rob hornstra (b/ 1975, the netherlands).

maarten ornstein

various collage by jim kazanjian (b/ 1968, los angeles, usa).

various painting by satoshi ohno (b/ 1980, gifu, japan).

flying lotus


"addiction" series by simone bergantini (b/ 1977, italy).

"Addiction’’ is the picture of a shared social ritual which hundreds of millions of people carry out every day. Addiction is the photograph of a new, transversal social togetherness. All over the world people’s fingers run over the bright monitors of mobile phones or tablets. By doing this we can, at any given moment, alternate our experience between two worlds, crossing the real or virtual looking glass more and more frequently.

from “yes” series by maurice van es (holland).