from the series “middle class utopia” by klaus pichler (b/ 1977, vienna, austria).

Taylor McFerrin

from the series “the conquest of materials” by benjamin swanson (nottingham, united kingdom).

Drew Gragg

from the series “my star wars family” by annalisa brambilla (b/ 1981, italy).

various shots by thomas rousset (b/ 1984, grenoble, france).

from the series “true false” by brian vu (orange county, california, usa)

from the series “brindegrooms?” by marina poliakova (b/ 1980, zaporozhje, ukraine).

from the series “heritage” by marie hudelot (b/ 1981, toulone, france).

from the series “nom bidon” by aso mohammadi (b/ 1990, lausanne, swizerland).

max cooper

from the series “escapades” by paul d’haese (ninove, belgium).

various shots by thomas albdorf (b/ 1982, linz, austria).

various shots by nicolas polli.

apes on tapes